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The majority of our team's background stems from the fitness industry. There are numerous parallels between fitness and sustainability: being a social movement, understanding of our personal health, understanding the health of the planet, how we nourish our bodies with food, and much more. Through this synergistic relationship between fitness and sustainability, we have developed a keen awareness on the responsibility that we have to promote sustainable practices across all industries we interact with.

It is also important to note that we believe "what is good can live alongside what is profitable". According to the Nielsen global responsibility report, 75% of of people under 34 years say they are willing to pay more for brands that are committed to the environment. There is true value in being a purpose driven, sustainability minded business.


  • To host education-based events for leaders to learn more about sustainable practices

  • To continue developing toolkits for businesses to use on sustainability

  • To connect CPG partners with third parties who follow SDGs

  • To practice what we preach and following our guides to SDGs



Inspiring Girls International es una campaña mundial dedicada a elevar las aspiraciones de las jóvenes al conectarlas con modelos femeninos inspiradores.


Women in Sports Tech es la organización sin fines de lucro que impulsa oportunidades de crecimiento transformador para las mujeres en todas las etapas de sus carreras en toda la industria de la tecnología deportiva.


All Raise arma a las fundadoras y financiadoras con acceso, orientación y apoyo para acelerar exponencialmente su éxito e impulsar a toda la industria hacia adelante.


IFundWomen es la plataforma de financiación de referencia para mujeres empresarias que proporciona acceso a capital a través de financiación colectiva y subvenciones para pequeñas empresas.


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