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We all have our stories. We all have experiences that have helped shape us to the people we are today. As we started to have candid conversations with leaders on their journey, we realized that there are an endless amount of learnings to be experienced. With these learnings, we also recognize that we had a responsibility to help share these stories so that others may learn.

We uncovered learnings such as how to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the running industry, the many paths to executive leadership, how to create a platform that sparks conversation, how to create healthy boundaries for yourself and co-founders, how to create a purposeful life by finding your why, how to build a circle of influence, and so much more. 


The first season of The Drift was only the beginning, and we can't wait to show you all what we have been working on to create more opportunities to learn from others' stories.


  • To continue creating platforms for others to share about their journey

  • To work with media providers to showcase entrepreneurs and diverse founders

  • To explore other media channels that will create creative ways to promote businesses

  • To leverage social media as a means to be social, connected, and human



Inspiring Girls International es una campaña mundial dedicada a elevar las aspiraciones de las jóvenes al conectarlas con modelos femeninos inspiradores.


Women in Sports Tech es la organización sin fines de lucro que impulsa oportunidades de crecimiento transformador para las mujeres en todas las etapas de sus carreras en toda la industria de la tecnología deportiva.


All Raise arma a las fundadoras y financiadoras con acceso, orientación y apoyo para acelerar exponencialmente su éxito e impulsar a toda la industria hacia adelante.


IFundWomen es la plataforma de financiación de referencia para mujeres empresarias que proporciona acceso a capital a través de financiación colectiva y subvenciones para pequeñas empresas.


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